Institue of Bioreactor and Screening Engineering (IBSE):

The Institute has established as an interdisciplinary research group working on technologies related to the cell biology. The group's research focuses on design and fabrication of small-scale bioreactors with on-line monitoring in different operation modes (batch, fed-batch, continuous) which create a new and cost effective method for screening and optimization.
Nowadays, there has been a growing interest in developing minute "Laboratories on a Chip" and microchemical reactors which are able to perform chemical and biological experiments and analysis at small scales. Small-scale cultivations offer the advantages of parallelization, automatization and cost reduction for medium constituents especially in studies employing isotopically labeled tracer substrates or substrates for mammalian cells. Experimental investigations in small-scale bioreactors are often the first step in developing a large-scale fermentation process.
Small-scale bioreactors will benefit the following applications:

Screening for new drugs and antibiotics
screening for new biocatalysts and enzymes
Expressing proteins of unculivables
Cultivation of clone libraries
Media development and optimazation
Generic Engineering or strain development