Institute of Bio-signal and Immunculus (IBSI) :

The term "Bio-signal" refers to all the signals that are being generated in the human body or any other living organism or more specifically it is used to represent all those signals from living organisms that are monitored to obtain certain useful information.
The term refers to signals that are electrical in nature and non-electric signals (immunological, biochemistry, genetics, etc.) are monitored as well. The term "Immunculus" has been proposed for designation of the global system (network) of constitutivelyexpressed naturalautoantibodies interacting specifically with different extracellular, membrane, cytoplasmic,and nuclear self-antigens.The main goal of the study of bio-signals and bio-markersare the early detection and more effective treatment of the chronic disease. Nowadays, these methods are used in preventive and prognostic medicine.
The scientific bio-signal and immunculus group try carry out the scientific researches in this field with the help of leading researchers from inside and outside the country in Iran.